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Security & Safety Certification

Our customer needed to build security and safety into products for IoT, industrial, medical, automotive, avionics, and defense markets.

We provided a detailed report on certification standards across all required industries and recommended an engineering approach to minimize cost to satisfy multiple standards.

Software Engineering and BSP

A customer needed to develop a medical device project using a dual-core ARM processor and prepare for ISO 62304 certification by the FDA.

We interfaced with a team in Europe, improved CM and release processes, built parts of the board support package, and managed releases.

Bid Support

Our customer lacked experience bidding on commercial and defense avionics projects requiring DO-178 and DO-254 hardware and software certification.

We helped our customer understand the required processes, wrote parts of technical volumes and presentations, completed compliance matrices, and attended prospect meetings in the U.S. and Europe.

Product Evaluation

For acquisitions, entry to new markets, and RTOS selection, customers needed deep technical analyses.

We gathered requirements, designed and conducted suitable analyses—including an analysis of 600K lines of code for one customer, designed and executed a Voice of the Customer program for another, and reported findings in detail for customer decisions.

Engineering Management

At a prior company, our founders built and managed a team of 40 engineers to develop the world’s most widely-used Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) RTOS, used for over 400 systems on over 80 military and commercial aircraft. This multi-year project included managing teams in the US, Canada, and Europe, working closely with customer engineering teams and managing customer relationships to the VP level, and contributing to the IMA ARINC 653 specification.

Develop a “Thing”

The electronics board for an industrial forklift used obsolete parts and had limited engineering documentation. The customer needed it replaced with identical form, fit, and function using current parts and able to pass stringent weights and measures certification.

We reverse engineered the board and made a detailed estimate to replace the hardware, software, and engineering documentation.


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