Rob Hoffman - President

Rob is a co-founder of High Assurance Systems and is responsible for general management, marketing, and sales. He has presented at defense conferences and provides bid support to defense contractors. As a member of the OUSD Unmanned Aircraft System Control Segment Working Group (UCSWG), he led the platform infrastructure services task group, represented the group to NSA, served as Vice Chair of its Technical Review Board, acted as release manager and backlog manager, and managed all technical publications.

Prior to High Assurance Systems, Rob led aerospace and defense (A&D) at Wind River. As Vice President and General Manager of A&D, he led the growth of this business from $71 million to over $100 million in less than three years. Previously at Wind River, Rob held positions in sales and marketing; was operations director for the platforms division; was director of an engineering unit; and was responsible for worldwide customer support, process improvement, and technical publications.

Before Wind River, Rob co-founded and sold a software development tools company (compilers, linkers, debuggers, runtimes); led a team developing an embedded text retrieval system; worked on the early Internet; developed a translator for a supercomputer language and software tools for weather modeling at RAND Corporation, where he held a Top Secret clearance; and developed programs to lay out electrical systems for large refineries.

Gerry Kuhn - Vice President, Products and Services

Gerry Kuhn co-founded High Assurance Systems and is responsible for all product and services development and deliverables, setting technical direction, and operations. Gerry has extensive experience in operating systems, security operating systems, fault tolerance, and high-availability.

Prior to High Assurance Systems, Gerry was Senior Director, Security Platforms, at Wind River (acquired by Intel in 2009). He was responsible for the development of VxWorks 653 (a partitioning operating system for use on aircraft certified to the DO-178B safety standard) and VxWorks MILS (a security partitioning operating system, accepted by NSA-NIAP for high assurance evaluation). Previous responsibilities at Wind River included managing the development of market-specific platforms for the industrial, consumer, and automotive markets.

Prior to Wind River, Gerry co-founded DSP Foundry (acquired by Wind River in 1997). DSP Foundry created an extremely small, highly efficient real-time operating system for digital signal processors that leveraged Wind River’s Tornado development tools.

Before that, Gerry worked at Nortel Networks (then Bell-Northern Research) on its Passport voice/data switch, at Canadian Astronautics Limited in its defense division, at Rohde & Schwarz, Canada, on radio direction finders, and at Mitel Corporation on private-branch exchange equipment.